Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Computer still broken, lots left to unpack

So I am still needing to use Joe's laptop for my computer needs. Mine has been back and forth to the Geek Squad (at Best Buy) 3 times now! (Needless to say, I don't recommend using them). This last time I said, I really think it is a virus, which is what I thought the first time, and they came back after running a scan saying "oh yeah, it really is quite infected" well duh! They said it was the video card the first time and I spent $70 on a new video card. The 2nd time it came on for them so they said "it is working fine" and did nothing but at home it still kept re-booting incessantly. I am so frustrated by it all but hopefully the 3rd time is a charm.

On the positive side, Joe has been working hard getting the last bits of things over from the old house. I think the garage is still a big disaster, but hopefully we get rid of most of that stuff. The kitchen is functional and we are getting reacquainted with gas cooking. The kids bedrooms (except for Teagan's) are a giant mess - partly due to not unpacking everything appropriately and partly because they all just keep discovering old toys, games, cards, etc. that they want to play with and then get distracted.

I should be unpacking right now but I am just feeling lazy and exhausted lately (last few days). It took a bit to get Teagan settled for a nap today because he managed a cat nap in the car this morning but then didn't stay asleep but it was enough to give him energy to fight off a real nap. Now he is down for a bit so I ought to get working on stuff. My bedroom is quite the disaster as well. I can't quite figure out where I want things to go in the new closet and bathroom and so I have been procrastinating a bit. We had a bunch of stuff that was in a hall linen closet at the old house and now we don't really have a space like that but we have lots of storage in the 2 upstairs bathrooms so we just need to redistribute items.

You'd think with a really big house, unpacking would be easy -- but the reality is we are lacking shelves and furniture items to really work in the rooms we have so there is a lot of stuff that doesn't have a home. We are also trying to keep it so both cars can be parked in the garage but previously we had all storage in the garage so that is a lot odd stuff that needs a home as well -- and a lot of stuff to get rid of also.

I have become addicted to HGTV -- I really like watching all the makeovers and such. Watching TV is not helping me get anything done nor is it helping my new plan to exercise more.

Still no pics to share since this is Joe's laptop and not my PC. Back to school routines are starting to gel a bit more -- though with the twins going only every other day it is a bit confusing at times. Yesterday I went to pick up Andrew and he starts wandering off and I yell "hey - where ya going?" and he says "to get the boys" and I say, "they are right here in the van, they didn't have school today" and he grins sheepishly. I called about buses and we do have one here but you have to cross a busy road to get to it. I am still tempted to try it out and just walk the kids over there. I figure it still saves gas and if Teagan was napping in the afternoon I wouldn't have a problem leaving him in his crib while I walk across the street to get them. Today Connor was fussing about not wanting to try the bus though and I didn't feel like arguing so I drove.

Anyway... enough rambling for now. Oh -- as far as milestones, Teagan now has 3 teeth. One on top and two on the bottom and he can run, get to standing from the floor quickly and easily and dribble a soccer ball (seriously! it is really cute) and oh yes, he is now 10 month old!!