Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Summer

So the part of my last post that got eaten was the part about what we are all up to this summer. Yesterday was the first evening of swim lessons. The 3 older boys are going twice a week for 4 weeks. I picked evening times so they could still fit in day camps here and there.

This week Andrew is doing a soccer camp in the mornings. He agreed to it all in the first place but was grumbling today about it. It is a lot more physical activity than he has had to do in awhile. I think it is good for him :) If Quinn were old enough to attend he would be loving it.

Next week we have no camps scheduled but will attend the Ridgefield parade and park festivities for the July 4th weekend.

The following week we are expecting a visit from Thomas, my best friend's 9 year old son. He is flying out here with his Dad from St. Louis and the plan is to have him here for a couple of days so he and Andrew can visit. I only wish Ashlea was coming along as well but she is staying back with her younger two kiddos.

The week after that all three boys have all day camp for the week. That may coincide with us closing on the new house and moving... we'll see. If not, it will be the week of July 21st for sure as that is the latest date option for closing per our sales offer agreement. I just was hoping to get moving soon as we leave for the coast July 25th.

After the trip to the coast the boys have another 1/2 day camp and then a week off and another full day camp... I think that is how it goes. By then soccer practices will be starting and school will start at the end of August.

I will wait until fall to sign up for a mom and tot swimming class for Teagan and I. I have a feeling I will be busy enough this summer dealing with running everyone around and moving into the new house. We really hope this house well get sold somewhere in there as well, but if not we will look into getting renters some time in the fall.

We have a house!

So I promised pics of the bamboo floors - so here they are:

And we have a new house picked out! The offer was accepted, we are in the process of getting all the stuff done that we need to for closing. Our house is now on the market.

So the link to our new house is here (it is new contruction from 2006 that has been sitting empty... the price of the house has dropped about $135,000 for the original listing price.... good for us, bad for the builder/seller). On the other hand, we are listing our house for about $35,000 less than the assessed value as well. Weird housing market.

So here is the link to the new house:


Here is the link to our current house for sale:


If that doesn't work, the MLS number is: 8062411

I lost the rest of this post and Teagan is protesting... so I will have to get back to it later and hope blogger doesn't eat it again!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


OK... so somehow it is now June and in fact almost 1/2 thru the month at that! Andrew is done with 3rd grade. The twins had kindergarten assessments done today that will help determine their class placement for the fall... unfortunately they both cried about being pulled out for the testing (they were in a classroom setting with other kids doing projects and then a few kids at a time were pulled out for one on one assessments). They are at such a tough age in some ways -- really wanting to be big but still having trouble always adjusting well. If things go like they did for Andrew, next year will be great for them. The whole process of meeting friends and learning to read, write letters and numbers, create, etc. and getting used to the school routine and such is good for them.

Teagan was in such a good mood this evening... chuckling and chasing everyone around. He can crawl FAST. He is also very competent at cruising the furniture.

We have new bamboo floors in the family room. My brother and SIL's brother installed them for us. They look great. I need to get after pics (we got some pics of the room with the carpet all pulled up too).

The house hunt continues. We still haven't put ours on the market. I am seriously considering renting it out so we can hang on to the property until this housing slump readjusts a bit. We don't seem to need the equity in this house to qualify for a new loan and I think we can swing the new heftier mortgage just fine. The only problem is finding the right house! We found one we both loved but in the end that RR tracks behind it were too much for me to deal with. I just kept imagining the boys going down to play around there and it scared me too much.

Anyway -- enough of an update for now. Next up I will reveal our crazy summer schedule... for now we have all next week with nothing really planned -- just me and the boys home everyday. I figure we will go on a few outings but haven't decided where and when yet.