Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life with a Toddler

OK so I will admit it, Teagan isn't really a baby anymore (though being the youngest of 4 I am sure he will be called "the baby" well into his 50's). Even though he has been officially toddling since he was 9 months old, he seems more toddler-like lately. He "talks" meaning he has a few words and lots of signs and can get a long ways with grunting, pointing and yelling. He has very distinct likes and dislikes and now nods his head "ye"s and shakes his head "no" quite vigorously.

He is an adorable, easy child... not sure if it is all tempermant or just that by boy #4 you start to get the hang of things. He goes down to sleep more easily then any of the other 3 ever did and sleeps longer and more consistently than any of the others either. He also has a wonderfully varied diet, but I have this feeling that some of the others did also at this age and I know that somewhere around the age of 3 is when things may turn on me -- for now it is fun to watch him enjoy his food.

BUT... as wonderful as he is; he is also full of energy and is tall enough now and dextrious enough to get into more things and make bigger messes and generally cause more mayhem when he wants to. He is our first to not have any form of daycare other than being watched by my mom on Mondays and it is challenging for me to take on the stay at home mom role (while still working 24 hours per week -- plus extra meetings and things also). It is a good kind of challenge though and I know I will miss these days dearly when he is older.

The other boys are at good ages too -- but they are definitely caught up in the world of boys: video games, adventure books, Legos, playing tag, wrestling with each other... not really mom stuff (though I do like my Legos!) so I see how quickly it can all go by.

Anyway, I was feeling nostaglic about it all today watching my darling toddle around the neighborhood with me. Sorry to sound so sappy... life is good :)